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The only Wifi-based parental control router with an online educational platform!


SmartCookieWifi in action!

Your child watches favorite TV shows on Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, etc., for hours at a time.

After a defined period of time, SmarkCookieWifi temporarily blocks the Wifi connection to give your child an educational experience.

To regain access to the Internet, your child answers educational school curriculum questions using tap, touch or click based on their device.

After your child answers the questions on the screen, minutes are earned, and SmartCookieWifi reactivates the Internet for continued viewing.


Limit kid-time on the Internet

SmartCookieWifi helps educate kids and limit their time spent on the Internet—using school curriculum questions that earn minutes.

Educational content paired with learning level

SmartCookieWifi delivers educational content that adapts to the education and school learning level of your child

Fast and easy setup on any Wifi device

SmartCookieWifi plugs into your existing router; no special setup or configuration is required for this kid-interactive interface.


The only router that integrates parental control with an online educational platform.

  • No subscription or app required
  • Box includes SmartCookieWifi router, USB cable, ethernet cable
  • SCW requires standard USB power supply (not included)
$59.00 $39.00