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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What is SmartCookieWifi?

SmartCookieWifi is a device that limits your children's Internet access through educational questions.

How it works?

It's very easy:.

  1. Take it out of the box
  2. Connect it to the existing router
  3. Connect your child's tablet / phone / computer to the SmartCookieWifi network

Can I access the internet as a parent when my children use SmartCookieWifi?

Yes, because your phones or tablets will still be connected to the existing WIFI network (SmartCookieWifi create a second WIFI network, just for children).

How do I choose the educational program for each of my children?

Using the categories in the 'Settings' section of the web interface.

Is there fast internet access in an emergency?

Yes, via the 'Settings' section of the web interface, you can unblock the internet at any time with a single button for a period of 8 hours.

Does SmartCookieWifi keep the history of the sites visited?

No, not in the current version.

What type of SmartCookieWifi site is filtering for my child?

For now SmartCookieWifi only blocks adult content through Cisco OpenDNS DNS filters: ( ).

What is the difference between SmartCookieWifi and other parental control tools?

SmartCookieWifi is the only product that asks your children to answer educational questions to access the internet.

Does SmartCookieWifi manage specific applications like Youtube, Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime etc?

The current version of SmartCookieWifi blocks the internet completely, our next version will allow precise control of the sites that will be blocked.

Is there a SmartCookieWifi application or just the router?

For now SmartCookieWifi requires the router and the application.

Is SmartCookieWifi available internationally?

SmartCookieWifi is currently only available in Canada and France.

Can I travel with my SmartCookieWifi?

Yes and without additional problems or configurations.

I have Google family on my children's laptops, is this compatible?

SmartCookieWifi does not interfere with existing parental control solutions such as Google Family or Apple Time Limit. We even recommend using it together.

Does SmartCookieWifi block apps?

SmartCookieWifi only blocks internet, so only internet dependent applications will be blocked (example: Youtube).

Router Operation

What if my child has LTE on their phone?

At the moment, SmartCookieWifi only works for devices that connect exclusively via wifi.

Do I have to have one router per child?

No, a router for all children is sufficient.

Does the SmartCookieWifi router replace my current modem?

No, SmartCookieWifi works with your existing modem and router.

Can I use SmartCookieWifi without its router?

No, it is required.

In which ports should I plug the wire between my modem and the SmartCookieWifi router?

In the LAN port of your router.

If I change router or operator, will my SmartCookieWifi preferences be saved?


Is there a light that tells me the browsing status directly on the router?

No, not in the current version.

Can SmartCookieWifi also filter “Offline” content (gaming, downloaded videos, etc.)?

No, not in the current version.

Does the SmartCookieWifi router have to be connected with a network cable to the existing router or can it connect to the existing WiFi?

You can connect your SmartCookieWifi router to your existing router in two ways: either with a network cable (regular mode) or wireless (repeater mode). Use in regular mode does not require any special configuration.

What is the range of the SmartCookieWifi router?

The current version of SmartCookieWifi does not have a very powerful antenna. However, you can position it in your home in an ideal location to get good WIFI coverage (This requires it to be configured in repeater mode).

Does SmartCookieWifi work with Cable, DSL or Fiber internet?

Yes SmartCookieWifi works independently of your internet service provider.

SmartCookieWifi interface

How to make the 'parent' settings?

Via the “setting” button at the top right of the web interface. A password is required.

How to answer questions on the interface?

The SmartCookieWifi page will open automatically, via the use of a captive portal.

What should I do if the SmartCookieWifi interface does not launch?

Visit the following page: . We recommend that you bookmark it

I just answered some questions, how can I check the remaining internet time?

The information is available on the first page of the interface.

Is it possible to set the minute value for a correct response?

Yes via the settings (number of minutes per cookie). By default, a correctly answered question gives 5 minutes of internet.

I have several children in my family, does SmartCookieWifi support multiple user profiles?

Yes, you can have up to 4 profiles per router.

In how many languages ​​is SmartCookieWifi available?

French and English only for the moment.

Is there live support?

You can write to us at [email protected] or contact us via Facebook.

Supported Equipment and System Requirements

What peripherals are supported (ie: Tablets, Phones, Laptops…)?

SmartCookieWifi works without additional apps on all tablets, phones and computers. The SmartCookieWifi app, which simplifies access to questions, works on Android 6+ and iOS 12+.

Is SmartCookieWifi available on all connected devices?

Yes, for all children's devices connected to the home SmartCookieWifi network.

Does SmartCookieWifi also work with a game console?

Yes, but for some consoles you will have to use a tablet to answer the questions.

Does SmartCookieWifi also work with a smart TV (SmartTV) or Chromecast?

Yes, but your TV or Chromecast must be connected to the SmartCookieWifi network.

Can SmartCookieWifi block the internet from my Set-top box?

No, not in the current version.